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NBN Brawl Paradise Chatango Chat Rules - By Redheaven

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NBN Brawl Paradise Chatango Chat Rules - By Redheaven Empty NBN Brawl Paradise Chatango Chat Rules - By Redheaven

Post  GuruSharky on Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:36 am

These rules are also for the Pokemon Chat.

The rules will be here as follow. U must look at the chatbox rules first before proceeding to the chat and talk with friends

1. Respect your fellow brawler - (show some good respect for other Brawlers)
2. No Porn - (No posting any Sexual and Nudity)
3. No Flooding on the chat
4. Don't Overdue ur cursing - (like no going crazy with the cursing)
5. No spamming - (Saying the same thing like 5 or 8x is a spam and will be deleted)
6. No Dissing about TSE - ( No U better Not do that,Trust Me u'll Regret it No)
7. Respect Mods and Admins. You dont want to be on a Mods/ Admins bad side (especially red). The mods know to be open and to take jokes and insults lightly. If a mod makes an unjust ban, please contact GuruSharky and the mod will be apprehended.
8. If anyone bothers u contact the Admins or Moderators.They'll Help u take em down
9. Advertising of other brawl sites is somewhat allowed. You are allowed to talk about them. Do not spam them or say something such as "NBN sucks keep the chat clean! lol, come here instead" Doing this will result in an automatic 3 day ban from the chat.
10. Please don't beg to be a mod.
11. Respect the Kittehs (especially Sharky. Don't talk nothing bad about his favorite pet Because If u do It could Get messy affraid)
12. Its a chat, so chat. Sitting there and not talking is not good.
13. This chat is meant to be a fun place, so "Why so Serious?" Goof around a bit, but don't get out of hand.
14. Don't diss SSBB
15. If you're a PLAYSTATION 3 or an XBOX 360 freak that is a nintendo hater, GTFO, we dont wanna listen to your crap.
16. Please don't crap talk or complain too much, it's so freakin' annoying.

The Rules will stay here as followed. If u disobe these Rules u will be warned or BANNED From the chat. If u wanna get Back in the chat Try contacting the fellow Admins. If they not online Contact the Moderators and They'll Help u. Wink

Administrators: GuruSharky, MysteriousUnown/rdawg, Backwake
Moderators :ReDhEaVeN, Robfox, Sly_Frye, XVoidX


GuruSharky, NBN Admin and Owner. Fire Emblem Finatic/ Brawler.
NBN Brawl Paradise Chatango Chat Rules - By Redheaven GuruSharky

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NBN Brawl Paradise Chatango Chat Rules - By Redheaven Sharky-guru
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