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Bleach Themed Roleplay!

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Bleach Themed Roleplay! Empty Bleach Themed Roleplay!

Post  GuruSharky on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:19 pm

Okay so I want to start a bleach themed roleplay, as in its not a continuation of the story but rather a whole new story with new characters etc with each character having zanpaktos etc.

I hope this works out since I'm working so dang hard on this lol

Ok so I'm going to try to write some rules here:

There really isnt a predefined storyline I guess, it will unfold as we go.

Each person can have 2-3 characters I guess.

Post your character using this format:

Name: Yasashii Tenma
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Hair: Light Green, long
eyes: Blue
Race: Arrancar
Appearance: Here you give descriptions of clothing, face I guess and stuff She has a gentle appearance. She wears a long white shirt and jeans. Her arrancar mask isnt visible when looking at her.

Personality: Give a decently long description She is strong willed, slightly clueless tho witty, she is adamant and is protective of her family and friends, as such she will even attempt to face down an opponent who is stronger than her. Her soul energy is extremely high, but she does not know how to control many of her unique abilities but is determined to train in order to master them. She is kind and wants to help people close to her however she can. She knows nothing of her mysterious background but would like to know more.

Origins: Little is known about her origins. Tho is it said that she is the daughter of a legendary espada.

Abilities: She has the unique ability to 'read' and control energy around her, whether that includes the ability to heal wounds or control water. Though she lacks skill with these techniques.

Weapon: Zanpakto / Doku-Hana You don't have to have a zanpakto but they are cool
Description:The weapons appearance and/or abilities Her zanpakto's name loosely translates to Poison Flower. It has the ability to channel and drain energy around her and concentrate it, tripling its strength into a powerful cero blast. She needs to train more with this ability as well.

Bankai/Release: Not much is known about her release because her trainer refuses to allow her to use it until she has mastered her other skills, tho even her trainer maybe afraid as to what it could be judging by her immense reiatsu without releasing it. A rough description is that she can form demons and minions from energy around her to attack the opponent.

Other info: Her name roughly translates to "Gentle Demon". She was discovered by a mysterious warrior (now her sensei) while she wandered lost through the woods. She feels indebted to him.

She is a good guy btw lol

Relationships: Your Characters relationship with characters already in the roleplay. N/A since there are currently no other characters.

Here are some other rules:

1. Treat this like an Anime show that you are a part of, as in, don't make it unenjoyable to others.

2. Every character has weaknesses. Do not make the "Ultamite Character" that can kill anyone in one shot, thats not fun for anyone.

3. You can't say (I kill so and so) cuz that is not fair obviously. You must fight, and obviously one person cant tell the whole fight in one post, the two need to communicate if u know what I mean. I fight isnt with only one person.

4. Don't try to control other players: Don't tell a whole short story in the post where you say what everyone does.

5. You can be evil or good, I dont care. We need bad guys and good guys to make this more fun. so some people can be bad guys too.

6. Just play fair... You should be able to judge what is and isnt fair play. Don't ruin other peoples times.... honestly...

7. Have fun. Dont be afraid to use your imagination, I need help developing the storyline of our little roleplay.

8. You dont need to be a bleach fan to play. Its simple enough, once you create your character there isnt really any more u need to know about bleach to play.

9. Everything you say after your character is created will be treated as if it is in the roleplay unless you surround it with (( ))

10. Define motions or actions with * * or - -

11. If you have more than one character, define a text color and use that text color when speaking as that person.

12. Keep everything PG 13 please

If You have questions or comments or whatever PM me or leave me a message on my profile.

Okay so please join cuz I bet this will be fun!


-Tenma shunpo'd to the top of the small canyon, watching the beautiful sunset-

I must continue to train and get stronger, the war seems to be getting worse every day, and it will only be a matter of time before it reaches us. -She looks down at the many structures below.-

I don't understand why everyone just cant get along...


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