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NBN Newsletter 6/16/09

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NBN Newsletter 6/16/09 Empty NBN Newsletter 6/16/09

Post  GuruSharky on Wed Jun 17, 2009 4:07 pm

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NBN has gotten a lot of new members lately (Like 20) and if you are one of those new members, Thank you very much for joining NBN and I would like to make your experience at NBN as awesome as possible.

1) I installed a new announcements ticker at the top of the screen that will display the # of members as well as links and news of updates on NBN. The new ticker will allow you to keep up with the many updates I make.

2) New NBN Points and reputation: you earn points everytime you post, start a topic, win a tournament etc! Also if you come across a post that you like or thought was helpful click the + button to give rep! Ppl with high rep and points are often the ones who are good to ask questions to. Tho I do suggest I be your #1 person to ask things to about NBN. I may include the ability to exchange points for prizes in teh future.

Also to encourage ppl to play the SSB Roleplay, you earn a significant amount more for each post in the SSB roleplay forum than you do in other forums on NBN.

3) As many of you likely already know, E3 '09 took place over the past few weeks. Click Here for NBN's E3 '09 Coverage in the Gaming in General Forum

4) New Music & Media Forum: Share your favorite music and movies with other members!

5) New color coded profile info: Makes the important info on posts easier to see such as Points, # of posts, and Rep

So those are all the recent updates. Continue to post and chat in the chat room (Which is now also located on the Forum Home Page). When ppl join and post, it encourages me to update. The next place I plan to go for is adding more games to the games page.


Your Pal, GuruSharky


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NBN Newsletter 6/16/09 GuruSharky

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NBN Newsletter 6/16/09 Sharky-guru
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