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L is DEAD! *Spoiler Alert*

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L is DEAD! *Spoiler Alert* Empty L is DEAD! *Spoiler Alert*

Post  GuruSharky on Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:52 pm

Rem killed L and to tell you the truth im kind of disappointed because ryusaki was a great character and without it Light can just plow through everything and I dont like how it skips through it because I was curious to know how the hell light was going to lead the Kira case seeing as he is kira. And then to piss me off even more light goes and kills the thief and the conman and then he kills the innocent Yotsuba CEOs which is messed up and light is going insane and killing ppl that I dont think deserve to be dead.


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L is DEAD! *Spoiler Alert* GuruSharky

L is DEAD! *Spoiler Alert* 276247.9a03fba5f1e91671005b6f256ba8c4ea
L is DEAD! *Spoiler Alert* Sharky-guru
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