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Post  GuruSharky on Wed Apr 15, 2009 7:20 pm

Go Here for more info, tho u prolly need a myspace page to join

Upcoming tournament entry purposes only, instead you can use the other topic for discussion.

~Now for the rules~

- We can form up to many groups as they come out for a minimal of 8 players per group for balance.
- We can play either normal Grand Prix or Battle or play both. The number depends on how many have entered
- Rules for qualifying for next round can change very often (if expecting to play with more than 2 groups only)
- Stage & Vehicle selection are free choice of the player, no restrictions.
- No ilegal cheats & glitchs (except item glitch)
- Using the chat is not required, i know there are peoples that can not use them, you are free to join in the chat if you can.
- Matchmaking will be set at random using Tio Tournament program.
- Number of Grand prix can be changed very often depending how many players will enter with a maximum of 4 GP
per round including final round.
- If we lack players, then i start final round immediately

~How to sign up for this~

Simply by dropping your Mario Kart Friendcode here and adding the room hoster. Simple and easy to do.

~ of players comfirmed on this tournament ~

1-Sly_Frye (D357R0Y3R) 0216-1194-3326
2-SAS25 (SAS*JAPANESE LETTERS) 0302-5077-1489
3-Super Luigi (FRZ BAW) 4983-5358-8599
4-The Art(ist) of Balance () 3995-8611-9352

Room hoster will be set soon as we get more player, at this time ill be hosting room 1.
for other rooms i will set it for the player that dont have many friends in their roster.

It is on may 1 and a time has not been set up but i planning starting at 5:30PM or 10PM(PST)
And be there in time or you will be DQ for the time being til the room has opened again. Ill be opening a room for joining 5 minutes earlier and stays open for 10 minutes.
after 10 minutes has passed ill automatically start it.

Any question regarding for this always feel free to hit me up with a myspace mail.

Matchmaking will be dont in april 29.

Sign up deadline is at april 28 so start to drop MKWII FCs today


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