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Do you remember Missingno#?

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Do you remember Missingno#? Empty Do you remember Missingno#?

Post  GuruSharky on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:20 pm

Do you remember Missingno#? I know I do, and I remember the devistation of finding out that he was not gonna be in Gold and Silver. If you also remember that old glitch, did you ever use it? What was your weirdest experience with Missingno#?

I remember that one time while surfing up and down on that o so famous coastline of cinnabar island I stumble upon a lv 141 Wartortle and I captured it. And to my devistation it evolved into a Lv41 Blastoise in 1 level.

Also i remember if you caught Missingno's half brotehr M. and you made it grow a level, it would evolve into a lv 1 kangashkan. According to legend was supposed to be the only way to get a Kangy, the mysterious baby Kanghaskan in the pouch lol. Or at least I was told.

And what about those move. The three move combo: Water Gun, Water Gun, Sky Attack will forever remain in the minds of gamers everywhere.

Ask yourself, why is red and blue the best selling handhelds games EVER? is it because they are great games, or does Missingno have something to do with it?

Do you remember Missingno#? Big_ps_missingnoDo you remember Missingno#? MissingnoDo you remember Missingno#? Missingno

This website appears to explain Missingno a little and seems kinda interestin


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Do you remember Missingno#? GuruSharky

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