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Milin(toonulizer66) V.S chis(fox)

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Milin(toonulizer66) V.S chis(fox) Empty Milin(toonulizer66) V.S chis(fox)

Post  toonulizer66 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:53 pm

this is a brawl from quite awhile ago that ive had and i wanted to show u this vid b4 i show u my new vid which features my newlyfound skillz with toon link and the great difference between the two enjoy.

howd this thing end up here twice...hey sharky could u delete this one?

Milin(toonulizer66) V.S chis(fox) Paranha40
Milin(toonulizer66) V.S chis(fox) E75m2tt2
Milin(toonulizer66) V.S chis(fox) Milin[/url]
second sig isnt accurate but i found it just happy i hav one with this stupid nsider
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