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Voting Guidelines: READ BEFORE VOTING!!!

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Voting Guidelines: READ BEFORE VOTING!!! Empty Voting Guidelines: READ BEFORE VOTING!!!

Post  GuruSharky on Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:47 pm

Each category is multiple choice.

in the header of each voting topic there is an indication of how many you can vote for (E.G max 3, max 2, vote only for 3, etc.) Please folow these rules or your vote will be revoked.

A choice with a "(+1)" next to its name means that that choice recieved the most nominating votes by those who nominated and will recieve 1 bonus vote that will be added by Master[CPU]. So again you can ignore it. YOU CAN VOTE FOR IT THOUGH

Just because you may have nomi nominated certain games doesnt mean you have to vote for them.

Don't See your nominated game on the list of choices? I may have had to drop it. In polls i am only allowed to put up 10 choices. I tried to stick with more well known and recent titles when having to trim some games out.

See Games in there that weren't nominated in the respective topic??? For some of the categories where there werent 10 choices I filled in the extra space with some well fitting titles.

If you have any questions please post them in here


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Voting Guidelines: READ BEFORE VOTING!!! GuruSharky

Voting Guidelines: READ BEFORE VOTING!!! 276247.9a03fba5f1e91671005b6f256ba8c4ea
Voting Guidelines: READ BEFORE VOTING!!! Sharky-guru
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