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VOTE!! Best Racing Title!!! [Max 3] 60 days to vote

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VOTE!! Best Racing Title!!! [Max 3] 60 days to vote

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17% 17% 
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25% 25% 
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8% 8% 
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Total Votes : 12

VOTE!! Best Racing Title!!! [Max 3] 60 days to vote

Post  GuruSharky on Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:21 pm

Vote for only 3 plz. 60 days to vote.

Comments from those who nominated:

Here's the ones I nominate:

1) Mario Kart Wii - Wii

2) Mario Kart Double Dash - GCN

3) Mario Kart DS - DS

I know, I have little diversity. XD
- GuruSharky

of course Mario Kart Wii
- Cyon

"Sly Loves Burnout 3"

the best racing game i ever played was Burnout 3! that game is so much fun! unfortunately it was for my brother's XBOX, and then he moved out and i cant play it anymore. i had 1 race left to play. just 1. out of like an uncountable number of total races and crash contests in this game. a racing game that was addicting, lots of fun, full of crazy crashes, breaking the law with no constraint, gaining boost power for driving in the oncoming lane and near missing cars, and of course gaining boost for damage your enemy drivers and also gaining boost from destroying their cars. a racing game that takes pretty much, pure skill and fast reflexes. also a really long game as you have many competitions in the US, Europe, and Asia. i guess i do miss that game, lol!
- Sly Frye

Wow XD so I guess thats a nomination for burnout 3. lol!
- GuruSharky

Ok here is my choices

For #1 is Top Gear for SNES- This is the best racing game ever, and it was the first to feature fueling system and epic music that never forget. This game should be number 1

For #2 is Burnout 3 for PS2- This game is the best PS2 generation console, this game features crashing effect that simulate the car crashing almost real. this one is very addictive like Top Gear without fueling system (that sound like crap)

For #3 is Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube- This is the first mariokart game that runs with 2 character per karts. You can play alone or teamed up with a friend to maximize the fun as you go with a kart. On this game is posible to steal items from other by running on them when using a mushroom or star and other tricks that are possible in co-op mode of the game.


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