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Post  GuruSharky on Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:38 pm

Copyright 2008 of Xlibris publications.

1. Bartimus Spade (Sneak)
2. Detective Viper
3. Spencer James (BlackJack)
4. Mary
5. Cloaked Man
6. One-Eyed Jim
7. Officer
8. Man #1
9. Man #2

Main Character Backgrounds

Bartimus Spade is known widely around as the famous stage magician, The Sneak. E is tall, about 6’4” and slender. He is a very mysterious and somewhat suspicious individual with a crafty mind. He often uses his magical abilities to form masterful plans to heist casinos and banks in order to pay for his expensive addiction to an agricultural drug known as “Devil’s Vice”. His skin has a dirty yellow tone as a result of a rare birth disorder of the skin known as Mannequin’s disorder on Battliska. He is very uncomfortable discussing the color of his skin. He always wears a top hat over his bald scalp and carries a cane that looks like a generic magicians wand. He is characterized by a virtually nonexistent nose, tuxedo apparel, thick black eyebrows and huge smile that is plastered on his face very often. Spade does not appear until Scene II and is labeled in the script as SNEAK.

Detective Viper is a foreigner to Battliska, coming from New York City on Earth. He has a unique and interesting past too long to go into but is specifically highlighted in the Viper Scriptures of 2045 which he wrote himself. He is about 5’7” and tends to get into character. His attitude is highly serious and somewhat pessimistic if not determined. Whenever he becomes jocular the jokes usually are satirical, insulting, or mock the current situation. Very unhappy with having to serve BlackJack whom he doesn’t really like, he still is very determined to finish a mission once started.

Spencer James, commonly referred to as BlackJack, is the owner of the casino. He is sitting sleepily at the token desk, holding his head in his hand, dozing off frequently. BlackJack is a petit man, standing no more than 5’3” and likely weighing less than 120 pounds. His skin is very pale with a thin face, not caused by malnutrition but by genetics. His hands are small and his arms are thin. He is dressed in what could be compared to Shakespearean apparel; the reason for this is unknown. BlackJack is an extremely wealthy man and holds much power despite his size.


The stage set is built in two stories. The bottom floor is the Casino area. On the far stage right of the first floor there is a long wooden desk, where casino tokens are sold and a small bar. Moving stage left there are a few rows of tantalizing slot machines neighboring a staircase moving farther back on the stage and also leads to the now concealed top floor, beside the stairs is a red elevator. Stage left of that, scattered at different depths are 3 poker tables, each with 5 stools; 4 for the players and one behind for the dealer. Each table is covered in green felt that matches the color of the casino carpet. Further stage left is a stage up 5 feet off the ground. There are 20 luxurious chairs organized in front of it. The walls are lined with luminous gold wallpaper. Upstairs consists of a hallway and Room 2013, the room that SNEAK will be staying in during his short stay at the Casino/Hotel. The upstairs section of the stage can be reached by going up the stairs at the back of the casino floor. Far stage right of Room 2013 is a window which also allows him to exit the stage. Moving stage left there are two beds covered in white bed sheets. In the middle of the two is a night stand with a lamp on top whose base looks like a large diamond made of glass. To stage left of that is a blue tiled bathroom with the door open and a bathtub visible against the back wall. To the left if that is a finely carved wood door with a plaque on the front reading Room 2013. The walls on all of the upper floor are also lined with golden wallpaper. The Apron of the stage is only used for one part of the performance at the end of the first scene. It symbolizes the area directly outside and to the right of the casino.)

Intro: The story begins at BlackJack’s Casino, an establishment located at the top of the Goblin Plains in Southern Acadia on the planet Battliska which isn’t much different than Earth, except of some unusual traits some individuals possess. The year, as estimated in the Viper scriptures of 2045 (Later published into the Legend of Battliska series), is approximately 2021. Late one night, the casino is still active, though quiet as many of the guests have retired to their rooms in the hotel above the casino, some such as compulsive gamblers remain at the slots and poker tables gambling away, and night owls chatter with one another around the casino floor. The action in the story takes place in this first night, the afternoon and night of the next day, and the night of the following day.


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